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In another example of reconciliation, Janet R. Marder writes about her experience as the heterosexual rabbi from of the world's first gay and lesbian synagogue, located in Los Angeles.

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She describes her journey from tolerance to acceptance of homosexuality in a Jewish religious context. Her struggle with her belief in tradition and the sacredness of halakhah Jewish law , which rejects homosexuality although not specifically lesbianism , and her experiences with her congregants is compelling. Marder eventually chooses to cherish and affirm those Jewish principles that teach "love of humanity, respect for the spark of divinity in every person, and the human right to live with dignity Another essay in this volume is by "La Escondida," a lesbian rabbi who feels she cannot reveal her identity.

It illustrates the difficulties in trying to establish an integrated community. When this rabbi suggested to her synagogue board that they invite Jewish beneficiaries of the AIDS food project to which the congregation enthusiastically donated cans of food after her High Holy Day sermon on the subject to worship in their community, she encountered a storm of reaction. They did not wish to be known as "the gay synagogue" or to be "marginalized" within the larger Jewish community. These essays demonstrate that the struggle for reconciliation is ongoing.

While Nice Jewish Girls lays out the variety of experiences lesbian Jewish women have had in combining their lesbian and Jewish identity, Twice Blessed pushes further with appendices on "Teaching about Homosexuality" and a "Homophobia Workshop Model. Unfortunately, Twice Blessed does not include analogous appendices on "Teaching about Judaism" or an "Antisemitism Workshop Model" that might prove useful in homosexual groups and organizations in which antisemitism exists on various levels.

In addition, a minor criticism of both books is the lack of an index, which would be useful for readers interested in specific topics such as antisemitism or the Holocaust.

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Despite these criticisms, these two books provide excellent groundwork for highlighting the diversity of experience and the commitment to combining multiple communities of identity by a number of lesbian and gay Jews. This tendency is the direction of much recent work in women's history, for example. No longer can historians view women as a monolithic group, when differences of class, race, region, ethnicity, and sexuality compound to create the category of women. Copyright c by H-Net, all rights reserved.

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Citation: Aleisa Fishman. Review of Balka, Christie; Rose, Andy, eds. H-Judaic, H-Net Reviews. October, For any other proposed use, contact the Reviews editorial staff at hbooks mail.

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    In a gospel full of magnificent beauty, perhaps the concept of forgiveness is the most beautiful gift of all. It is a divine grace, bestowed in its purest form through the Savior's Atonement and available to each of us daily as we receive and extend mercy. And each single instance of forgiving immediately becomes a double blessing, touching both the person who forgives and the one who is forgiven. In Twice Blessed, author Michael Wilcox explores many rooms of "the mansion of forgiveness.

    Is there someone you are struggling to forgive?