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Sarah, it sounds exactly like a tiny man with a tremor is opening up a can of soup inside the gun. I swear I almost cried the first time I heard the little soup opening. It was the least likely place in the world to find soup, and to find someone tending to soup, and there it all was. His near-tears are not for his own predicament; they have been displaced onto his creation. Turning potentially indulgent self-pity into expansive compassion is a move familiar to readers of his poems.

What his union faced obviously did not fall within the usual range of domestic ennui or strife. Like a voice mail, a poem is a performance that anticipates a response, shaped for a specific but absent audience: by the time it reaches its recipients, the author will have moved on.

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It is short, because we know the tape runs out. Everywhere in this book we confront realities too dismal for lyric transformation, nevertheless uncannily transformed. I was told my proximity to the toxin would promote changes to my thinking, speech and behavior.

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These poems envision countless afterlives, each one more arresting than the last. Ritvo is now permanently located, and obliquely revealed, in his poems. When we close these books, we miss him.

In , Brock's rising reputation saw him promoted to colonel. He also returned to Guernsey in that year, only to be summoned back to Canada as concerns over American plans grew. Then began the slow build-up to the war in The situation in Canada at that time was a complex one, with part of its population of American origin and therefore possibly having conflicting loyalties. This made it all the more important that Brock improve the country's defences and, at the same time, build a sense of national unity.

In common with his contemporary, Admiral James Saumarez, Brock is more highly regarded elsewhere than he is in Guernsey. In addition to the monument at Queenston Heights, his name lives on via Brock University, Ontario, which select students from Guernsey have attended under a special agreement.

The situation locally pales in comparison, with two roads named in his honour, along with a chapel in the Town Church. His name had been used for a 'house' at the Old Boys' Grammar School and Guernsey Post featured Brock on stamp issues in and A model of the Queenston Heights monument was displayed in the Guille-Alles library until the mid s and is now in storage with Guernsey Museums.

The Reincarnation of Isaac Brock, a novel by A. Robinson, has a highly unusual basis. The publisher's press release sums up the book as follows:.

The Reincarnation of Isaac Brock

Canada being the country it is, one of the prospective parents of the new body should be of British descent and the other of French. The native Americans should have a smidgen of the action, because they were Brock's staunch allies. And to aid the birth, we should have both British and American midwives, albeit of the male gender, for their countries figure largely in our history. The action takes place in , when the prospective parent and the midwives, all distantly related members of the Bonney family, come together to write a book about their ancestors in North America and how they experienced history, from the first colonies to the 20th century.

The website review gives a more graphic idea of the book, 'In , widower Fred Bonney, 55 years old, a dreamer and social misfit, is downsized from the Canadian Public Service. To save himself from alcoholism, he decides to write a book about his North American ancestors and he recruits well-preserved year-old Josee Tremblay as travelling companion and bedmate. Of French ancestry, she is athletic, a devout Catholic separated from her husband and unhappily barren.

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A new novel featuring Sir Isaac Brock and news of the renaming of a highway near Niagara Falls to General Brock Parkway prompt Chris Morvan to look at the life and career of a local man still regarded as a hero in Canada WHEN the Americans attempted to take control of Canada in , it was a Guernseyman who stopped them. Entertainment News. Most Read Rare pantomime-themed 50p coins to be released in Guernsey News 5 hours ago. Making us proud of our community News 11 hours ago. Questions on crime and punishment News Jan 24, He led his troops forward even though all they could see facing them as they approached were two pounder guns, their gunners standing by with their matches burning.

Brock was urged to let his officers precede him and he refused because he would never ask his men to go where he would not lead them. He was counting on Hull to back down and he was right.

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Without consulting anyone, the American general ordered the gunners not to fire, had a white flag raised in the fort, and sent two officers to ask for terms. Afterwards, there was some criticism that Brock had acted rashly but in a letter to his brothers, he asserted that he had proceeded "from a cool calculation of the pours and contres. A mood of defeatism in Upper Canada changed to optimism that the troops, militia and Aboriginal allies could defend the province. When the Americans invaded again at Queenston Heights , Brock was awakened from sleep at Fort George and rode hastily to the village.

Almost as soon as he arrived, the Americans seized a gun battery on the heights.

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Brock decided a direct attack was needed immediately without time to wait for reinforcements. His calculated risk proved to be rash, for as he led his troops he was hit in the chest by a shot from an American soldier. Brock died instantly without delivering any of the final words such as "Push on brave York Volunteers" that have been attributed to him. The memory of Brock, the saviour of Upper Canada, remains extraordinarily strong in Ontario history. His body, interred at Fort George, was moved in to the summit of Queenston Heights under an imposing monument, which was destroyed in , but replaced in Today, the stately Brock's Monument dominates the battlefield.

From the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online. War of Check out this interactive timeline of the War of from Historica Canada. From indigo.