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For God to bring forth justice for the destruction if my marriage. Adultery was the cause of this. Thank you, you are a faithful warrior Of God! God Bless You, your family, and your ministry in the Name of Jesus! Divine connection to help me with starting my business. Please pray for God to continue to restore my marriage completely For favor with my husband at work as well as home There is a girl working for our company that I believe may have the wrong motives.

I have been asking God to remove her in His timing and His way. Clear direction for future with ministry and where God wants our family to live. Please pray for me to have a 1. Financial breakthrough and blessings. To sell our house and get a fresh start somewhere else, new job too. With good schools for the kids. Spiritual breakthrough and a true deliverance 2. Financial Breakthrough. My daughter : she is seeking the Lord but longs to start the relationship which will lead to marriage. Thank you so much for praying. Will let you know how God answers.

That chains will be broken and that souls would be saved. Please pray for the following. Increased income to become debt-free in and that I will have a personal experience with the Lord. Please pray for my financial prosperity. Pray for healing in my body. I have significant hair loss to the point of wearing a wig. Please pray with me for a serious Financial breakthrough, Restoration of health for my mom, partner and I. Spiritual Wisdom, deeper understanding of the Bible and the ability to articulate myself well enough to others when teaching and writing.

So that I can receive the Jesus anointing to be released from stronghold and forgiveness. Amen 2 pray that my family be released from any generational ties and any occult practices which has been done in the past. Complete re-write of book by the end of May. Cut sugar from diet for at least 30 days. I greet you my sister in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you for interceding on our behalf. My request are: 1. To be blessed with a financially viable and stable job as I am seeking employment. I will also continue to pray for you and your family and this ministry.

Much love to you for all you speak into our lives. Hi Jamie, Pray for deliverance from generational curses and financial breakthrough for my family. Pray for a job placement for my daughter and myself. Thank you and Hid bless you. Hello Jamie, I am in a situation where I am at a fork in He road and have been stuck. I know the Lord has Called me to Ministry, but there are many who oppose me, even those closes to me. Jamie, please pray that I get a promotion in a form of a new job.

I have been applying and interviewing, nothing fruitful so far. He is being deceived. Thank you sooo much. Thanks Jamie, 1. Family to be totally for Jesus especially my brothers and sister, protection by the blood of Jesus ,favor and blessings. Lord to enlarge my territories especially finance, marriage. Thank you Jamie for your prayers 1. Pray my spiritual eyes and heart will be opened to receive all God has for me. Pray for my husband and two boys to grow and to serve the Lord in a mighty way.

Hi Jamie thank you for your labor of love. I am asking for prayer I need a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ. Please pray for my assignment as a senior pastor of preparing the way for the kingdom outreach worldwide I need the fire of the Holy Spirit?? We will also keep you in our prayers.

Please pray for Reconciliation for my marriage, after adandonment of my husband due to s Adultry, poronograpy and who knows what else for my husband to hear God voice and obey Him. To have an experience like Saul did on the road to Damarcus To to be a better father to our 2 little boys 4 and 2 yrs old to be filled with the Holy Ghost and come completely out of adultery and drug use and return home and STEP up to his responsiblites as a husband and father.

For God to pour out a supernatural out pouring of financial blessing and to restore my health which has been affected due to my failed marriage to restore all that the enemy has stolen from me so can can be better mom to my two little ones. Please pray for me to 1 Finish writing my research paper on time.

Please pray to cancel out all wicked an evil actions that my landlord is doing against me. Please also pray that it becomes easier for me to lose my stubborn fat and back fat and lose weight, revealing a firm contoured shape so I do not have to get surgical assistance. Thank you for your offer to intercede on my behalf. I pray for you and your family as well. Reconciliation in my marriage. My husband to have a super natural encounter with Holy Spirit and be completely freed of all drug, tobacco, alcohol, and darkness in his life for the rest of our lives!

For our 1 year old Towing business pick up, prosper financially, and have favor! My husband to be and exceptional leader and boss with integrity in our company for the rest of our lives! Thank you for interceding. I pray for a part-time job in a place and job where God wants me to thrive. I pray to get rid of bedbugs I have had for months. Since Nov. Thank you Jaimie, Please help me to pray for spiritual growth as i yearn to have a closer relationship with God and to lean on Him alone as my source of strength through life. Hello Jamie, thank you for praying.

Please pray I need a financial miracle to pay my car insurance, move my checking account from negative, money for food and other expenses. Healing for our bodies to God be the glory. Hi Jamie…. I really appreciate all your encouragement. I ask for wisdom and spiritual understanding of His will for my life. Thanks and God bless you! Hi please pray for healing for my mom colon cancer. Financial breakthrough for my household. Pray for marriage restoration. Please pray for a breakthrough. That my brother, Sister in law and niece come to know the Lord 2. That my husbands settlement is processed without question or delay.

Please pray for my Daughter Mariah to pass the mcat. Please pray for a financial breakthrough and to be totally debt free. Thank you very much Jamie. Hi Jamie, Thanks for taking the time to pray for me!! Here are my 2 prayer request: 1: For my finances. Please pray that i will stop drinking. Hi Jamie, Thanks for your ministry, I am truly blessed by you.

Prayer requests 1 God will supernaturally give my husband and I twins. Pregnancy for this year and birth early next year after 15 years of marriage.

Indebtedness 2. Marrital distress through adultery.. Pray for release of finances due to me from overseas investments without further extortion of charges and financial breakthrough to be debt free. Pray for salvation for my father and 2 sisters and 2 brothers and their families. Thank u. Thank you, in advance. Reveal to me what you had in mind when you create me personally. Give me a vision for my life. My husband needs a new job. And help getting the ministry off the ground. Finances for all the other bills that are seem to be piling up. Thank you so much for praying for us. May the Lord continue to Bless you and your family.

Thank you Jamie my God he knows just what we needed. Wisdom and knowledge on how to maneuver in this season with that I can do everything he has for me to do. Complete healing in my eyes from blurry vision and my sons skin spots and bumps, a godly husband and financial freedom and stability. Praying that the Lord gives favor to my husband,myself and our 6 kids. Thank you Jamie, 1. God bless Mpho.

To walk in the fullness of purpose that God has appointed over my life. To be financial sound with super natural debt cancellation. Please pray for my release from feeling guilty about Everything Please pray for my release from poverty mindedness, lack and fear of growing old alone and never being married. Fiona- Ive been very very ill, bedridden two and half months, but now ill for 5 and half months! Diagnosed also with diabetes but sure this is due to violent abuse and cruelty we went through! So need total healing from top to toe high blood pressure included.

Thank u Jamie. Finances — dont have enough in to cover my op but people have pledged to help but havent! Mike to get a fulltime salary. My prayer level as an intercessor has gone down and I need spiritual up-liftment because my first love for the Lord has gone cold 2. I am presently a single unemployed mother with a self sponsored son at university, and I owe the bank and need employment with a good salary for me to plant seeds for the gospel clear my bank debts and assist my son at school. Please pray with me that my home will be restored to the original pattern God intended for families to be like to the glory of God in Jesus name.

Please help me Pray for a Husband and now for a continued flow of new customers for my biz to support myself. Major family healing needed — lack of love. Unmarried and over Not giving up. Still active in ministry. Working with my own business and community for years but still… I desire a spouse and family. Restoration and health as I recover all that enemy stole from me before I begin studying prophetic and deliverance. My prayer requests are 1 That the Lord teach my children, give them wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. Thank you so very much for praying for individually praying for us.

I am praying for you, your family, and your ministry. Financial freedom from every debt owed, breakthrough and flow of finances, and repayment from years of the locusts. Everything that I given up to follow Christ is being returned to me according to HIs word, fold. One hundred hold financial blessings for the seeds that have I sown. I am asking Father to move now, in the month of May, according to my faith, obedience, and perseverance.

Hi Jaime, heres is what I need prayers for:- 1. To get my own home and move out of a living situation that is difficult for me emotionally. For wisdon to know what to do concerning the above situation. Hi Jamie Hebrews to you today. Also that i may join in with the believer of Jesus Christ at a Spirit filled word teaching church in my area. Hebrews Thanking you for praying on my behalf. Pray for My marriage boys family is against this marriage. Dear Jamie, Kindly pray 1. I am praying for a residual income from me and my daughters I am also praying that with the residual income that we can eventually move into our own home because our living situations are not of our own right now thank you for your prayers and thank you Father for answering my prayers.

Thank you Dear Jamie 1. Exceptional favour in my application with CitiBank. Reveal His purpose in my life. Thank you so much! Please pray that God will open a door for me to move from teaching elementary school to high school. Marriage restoration that my husband Clisson would love and respect me… To be like Jesus and grow in his word. Hi Jamie No. He has said He wants an undivided heart towards Him. My husband who is 70, left me 2 years ago for a 47 year old woman. He desperately needs salvation. He wants a divorce. She is still married. We have been together for 22 years. This has destroyed our family.

Please pray that papa God will intervene and bring restoration and his salvation. Praying for you! Bless you! Thank you Jamie for praying for me! Please pray for complete healing from arthritis in hips and knees and heart issues; 2. Healing for my friend Lisa for severe facial pain due to TMJ. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to leave these two 2 prayer requests: 1. Please let the financial needs and wants of my each and every member family. Please set my father free from his alcohol addiction. My only request, is that all receive what belongs rightfully to them as appointed by the will of God and not any flesh involvement except a surrendered heart to love God with all of their whole hearts, minds, souls and strengths.

For Jamie and all others praying, May God continue to bless and keep you all in his perfect love, peace, joy and grace to do all that HE has called you to do. May you enjoy long life full of days along with your families, friends and even your enemies. May God bless you abundantly in every area of your lives and restore you the same. Have being asking God for a business idea which has given me but now I need capital to the tune of u. Thank you for this… My requests are 1. Relationship full restoration that leads to marriage. Financial breakthrough.

Please pray for me: I Financial miracles — to be debt free and have financial freedom. Extremely unhappy in work. Would not be easy to get other work. Difficult to clearly discern Gods will in this. Thank you Jamie for your kindness. Hello Jamie, Thanks for praying for me and other and your encouraging words from God. I filed bankruptcy and need to payoff the it off to keep my home. Hi Jamie, thank you for your emails, I really enjoy them and have learnt so much. My prayer request is: to meet and exceed my sales targets at my new work, which is a big blessing from Abba Father.

Thanks again and may you stay blessed. Dear Jamie, bless you for being so generous with your time and offering up our prayers on behalf of us. That i can have time and money freedom, to work fulltime at my church. I will know clearly how to make this happen. That God brings me and my soulmate together 2. For healing of cancer for an acquanintenace. She has 2 young boys. Please pray for my financial breakthrough and that I get clear direction for my calling. Thank you and God bless you. My prayer requests 1.

I am asking for God according to His will to provide a spouse who loves God greater than myself. Who also is willing to partner with me for Gods purposes and not our own. For restoration of marriage standing 8 years and to be healed 47 different evils and my daughter to be restored and healed from trauma. Hello Jamie Thanks for this opportunity that you can pray for my 2 specific requests so : 1: To hear from God directly, and to dream and see visions and have revelation from them.

Please pray for our son Harald for salvation and to break fri from big problems with alcohol and also pray for salvation for our second son Jarle. Hi Jamie — Thanks for intercessory prayers this week. Here are my prayer requests: 1 That both my daughters Dani and Jamie would come back to Jesus.

Please pray; 1. Heal my mom from all pain, and Florence from broken thigh bone and total recovery from surgery for removal of uterus 2. Restoration of our blessings for us; five siblings and my husband. Looking at your list I decided to lift you up in prayer instead as you lift the others. I cant pronounce your last name so I will just use Jamie.

Pray they each marry a Godly wife! GOD bless you!! Prayer Request 1 Salvation for my family and neighbours 2 Career opportunity for full time employment where I can use my gifts and talents. Divine covenant in Marriage 2. Please pray for my spiritual growth in the lord and also for God to add more years to my grandmother. Thanks Jamie for praying for us. God bless you abundantly.

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Prayer Requests 1. Prayer request: 1. For my son Glennto be delivered and walk in all GOD has for his life 2. For me to have breakthrough in my finances and career. Hi Jamie — I would like prayer for a car have been without one for over a year now and prayer that God continues to fill me with his perfect love — thank you very much! I am not posting because you have so many prayer requests to do.

3. Prayer in the New Testament |

I will give mine to God directly. You are a blessing! May God always protect you and yours. Part time income with benefits Thank you. God bless. Unite my family in love. Please pray that my 24yr old son would stop being addicted to his cell phone and just taking lots of videos on it at the expense of doing more constructive things with his life.

His name id Danny. For me, that I would become confident and bold removing all that fear and that I would be more consistent and persistent in every area of my life. Thank you and God bless you all. Hi Jamie thanks alot 1 May God heal and restore my relationship with my partner 2 good health for every member of my family. My youngest son who is battling for his kids to get them fairly this has been a lengthy battle the 2 mothers of his children have teamed up against him. Thank you, I will pray for you and your family. Please pray for reconciliation in my relationship with my landlord and the reversal of their request for me to leave.

Prayer request: 1 My husband and I are potentially starting a new business. Hi Jamie, pray that God will grant me the money to pay for a Lawyer. I have prayed for this blessing for 15 years and was greatly disappointed in this last year by an ungodly man that entered my life. Please pray for me as I have waited a very long time and feel very much alone as an empty nester. Hello Jamie, please pray for my niece Daniela Mujica so that she can operate on scoliosis and that it is okay for her to approve the resources of the operation and for me so that the Lord reveals my life I need it and it gives me greater revelation and discernment thanks.

To receive deep healing from emotional issues , my daughter Sophie too. To know God more closely and build a successful business and write books to glorify him. I would like prayers for some very dear friends in Christ Jesus. These friends are great mighty disciples of the Lord and they hit a very bumpy patch in their lives right now. They need prayers more than ever right now!

My husband and I will soon retire, and we want to start a new life somewhere else and start a small business. Please pray that the Lord will lead us to the right place and show us if we are on the right track. I also want to ask for my daughter, that she may find a man that will love her as she deserves.

God bless you Jamie. Please pray I find a full time permanent job with good benefits soon and that I find direction in life. Hi, Jamie. I thank God for you in accordance with Phil. Please pray Is. Jamie, 1. Please pray for total healing from heavy metal poisoning and tremors and 2 Breakthrough in all areas of my life! Thank you Jamie so much!! Please pray for a permanent job for me — have been temping for 10 years and need stability 2. Please pray for a new home for me and my pets which needs the release of the finance from the sale of my parents home.

Jamie, please pray for my husband so that he can have a fear of God and repent for his infidelity. Pray for my son to do well with his EOG exams this month. Hey Jamie I ask you to pray that my husband will be saved and come to know Jesus and pray that God will bless us with a house and bless us financially. Thank you, Jamie, for praying for the following: 1. Jamie, I thank you to pray for me and my husband to get a financial breakthrough enough to pay our debt off, we need transportation to go back and forth to the doctors appointments.

And pray for me and my husband to get closer to the lord. I thank you so much. May God continually bless your family and ministry. I thank you again Mrs. Jamie, thank you for this opportunity; please pray the following for me: 1 That I will receive a job offer for an on-camera news reporter position by Oct. My desired locations are Michigan or Southern California. For me: 1.

Intercession Week: Please Leave Your 2 Top Prayer Requests (Closed)

Financial restoration and healing after the divorce. For my annulment to be processed and granted. Please pray for my husband Matthew and I as we are living apart because of our careers. We have been married for 24 yrs today and have been apart for 4 yrs. Pray that the Lord opens up a door for us to live under one roof. Thank you!! Thank u for praying for me: 1 healing for my daughter with Cystic Fibrosis 2 help me with my emotions and anxiety.

That Lilly would separate from those that are keeping her from Jesus and the Lord would dismantle this relationship. Thank you , Shalom. A huge financial breakthrough to have the means to pay the debts incurred from unscrupulous moves of former business partners and to see my dreams be realized. Please let us know what we can be in prayer about for you, too. My two requests are:.

That my son Jacob and Madysen work out their differences, marry, and that they live happily ever after. That my son Stephen meets and marries a wonderful young lady and they live happily ever after. For meaningful work and financial breakthrough; and 2. For Gary to overcome and break free from alcohol addiction. Pray for my wife and two daughters —Abigail and Ebenezer pray for me for financial breakthrough. Thank you Jamie for being an intercessor…my 2 needs that I would be grateful for prayer support on are: 1.

I do a lot of activities, I am going to a church, etc. I need friends that love Jesus. My dad is depressed and he cannot see it. He needs to see it, and seek help. Please pray for me that the good Lord will establish me and guard me and my family against the evil one.

God should cover me and my family with hedge of protection continually. Anyone holding my blessings back, may they be released into my life this very moment. Wisdom and understanding in my personal and professional life. To be found by, meet, love, and marry the man of God that God promised me. Please pray that my grandson Chase gets completely healed of seisures and with a miracle of God his right hand gains full strength and mobility….

Hi Jamie, can you please pray for 1. As you pray for us, I shall be lifting you and all others here for His perfect will to be done in our lives and for us all to remain faithful to His love. I would like God who puts the single into families, to send the St Joseph who will be a loving husband to me and a wise and loving stepfather to my little boy.

I also pray for God to restore unto me, sevenfold, what the enemy has stolen from me and continue to bless me with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to fulfil the work He is calling me to. God Bless you for your wonderful Christian site and for reaching out to the world, we appreciate you. Thanks for your prayers, Jamie! Hi Jamie, Please pray for me in; 1.

Breaking all powers of witchcraft fighting my life 2. Restoration of finances and business Regards,. Please pray for me for debt release and financial. And pray my spiritual uplifting. If it is Gods will I would like to buy a house in a better neighbourhood and to be able to buy, i would need to find a good price for another apartment which has proved so far to be difficult to sell.

For both my children to grow in Gods favour and Grace. For my finances to be restored and debt paid up. Thanks so much Jamie. Please pray for my husband Zulu to come to the Lord. Please pray for my marriage which is in crisis right now. Please pray for my husbands to accept Christ and for my health. I have had on going issues since January. That my marriage be restored so that Iam reunited with my wife and my children. I pray all this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Thank you for your ministry and prayers. Please pray for a reversal of multiple health problems that continue to weigh on my husband and myself. Hi , Im Merlin Vermaak. Please pray for my son Marvin Kannemeyer salvation. And for financial favour for myself and husband John Vermaak. Thanks and God bless you and the work you do. Thank you Jamie x For my girl Arwen to be healed from every symptom of genetic disease. For another healthy baby, somehow. Hi Jamie Please pray for supernatural debt cancellation Please pray for salvation for my husband.

Pray for my daughter Gem to be favoured by her bosses and to receive the promotion that was promised and due to her with an extravagant salary and for her to be happy at the work place, Let there be joy and happiness in her life. God Bless you! Requesting prayer for: 1. Postcards Non-Sport Trading Cards Paper 3. Militaria 1. Wholesale Lots 1. Tobacciana 1. Pinbacks, Bobbles, Lunchboxes 1.

Sewing Now 1. Transportation 1. See all categories. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Shape see all Shape. Round Chip Assorted Rondelle 7. Nugget 6. Color see all Color. Assorted Colors 9. Black 3. Multi-Color Pink Red Style see all Style. Faceted Spacer 8. The branch that only and truly lives abiding in Christ, the Heavenly Vine, entirely given up, like Christ, to bear fruit in the salvation of men, and has His words taken up into and abiding in its life, may and dare ask what it will—it shall be done.

And where we have not yet attained to that full devotion to which our Lord had trained His disciples, and cannot equal them in their power of prayer, we may, nevertheless, take courage in remembering that, even in the lower stages of the Christian life, every new onward step in the striving after the perfect branch-life, and every surrender to live for others in intercession, will be met from above by a corresponding liberty to draw nigh with greater boldness, and expect larger answers.

The more we pray, and the more conscious we become of our unfitness to pray in power, the more we shall be urged and helped to press on towards the secret of power in prayer—a life abiding in Christ entirely at His disposal. And if any are asking, with somewhat of a despair of attainment, what the reason may be of the failure in this blessed branch-life, so simple and yet so mighty, and how they can come to it, let [p 62 ] me point them to one of the most precious lessons of the parable of the Vine.

It is one that is all too little noticed. We have the Father, as the Husbandman, watching over our abiding in the Vine, over our growth and fruitbearing. It is not left to our faith or our faithfulness to maintain our union with Christ: the God, who is the Father of Christ, and who united us with Him,—God Himself will see to it that the branch is what it should be, will enable us to bring forth just the fruit we were appointed to bear.

It is for this that He, as the Vinedresser, cleanses the branches. Just think a moment what this means. It is said that of all fruitbearing plants on earth there is none that produces fruit so full of spirit, from [p 63 ] which spirit can be so abundantly distilled, as the vine.

And of all fruitbearing plants there is none that is so ready to run into wild wood, and for which pruning and cleansing are so indispensable. The one great work that a vinedresser has to do for the branch every year is to prune it. Other plants can for a time dispense with it, and yet bear fruit: the vine must have it. And so the one thing the branch that desires to abide in Christ and bring forth much fruit, and to be able to ask whatsoever it will, must do, is to trust in and yield itself to this Divine cleansing.

What is it that the vinedresser cuts away with his pruning-knife? Nothing but the wood that the branch has produced—true, honest wood, with the true vine nature in it. This must be cut away. And why? Because it draws away the strength and life of the vine, and hinders the flow of the juice to the grape. The more it is cut down, the less wood there is in the branch, the more all the sap can go to the grape. The wood of the branch must decrease, that the fruit for the vine may increase; in obedience to the law of all nature, that death is the way to life, that gain comes through sacrifice, the rich and luxuriant growth of wood must be cut [p 64 ] off and cast away, that the life more abundant may be seen in the cluster.

Even so, child of God, branch of the Heavenly Vine, there is in thee that which appears perfectly innocent and legitimate, and which yet so draws out thy interest and thy strength, that it must be pruned and cleansed away. We saw what power in prayer men like Abraham and Moses and Elijah had, and we know what fruit they bore.

But we also know what it cost them; how God had to separate them from their surroundings, and ever again to draw them from any trust in themselves, to seek their life in Him alone. It is only as our own will, and strength and effort and pleasure, even where these appear perfectly natural and sinless, are cut down, so that the whole energies of our being are free and open to receive the sap of the Heavenly Vine, the Holy Spirit, that we shall bear much fruit. What the pruning-knife is, Christ tells us in the [p 65 ] next verse. Through His word the Father had cleansed them, cut away all confidence in themselves or the world, and prepared them for the inflowing and filling of the Spirit of the Heavenly Vine.

It is not we who can cleanse ourselves: God is the Vinedresser: we may confidently intrust ourselves to His care. Beloved brethren,—ministers, missionaries, teachers, workers, believers old and young,—are you mourning your lack of prayer, and, as a consequence, your lack of power in prayer? He is the Husbandman who cleanseth the fruitful branch, that it may bear more fruit. Cast yourself upon God, to do in you what is impossible to man. Count upon a Divine cleansing, to cut down and take away all that self-confidence and self-effort, that has been the cause of your failure.

The God who gave you His beloved Son to be your Vine, who made you His branch, will He not do His work of cleansing to make you fruitful in every good work, in the work of prayer and intercession too? Here is the life that can pray. A branch entirely given up to the Vine and its aims, with all responsibility for its cleansing cast on the Vinedresser; a branch abiding in Christ, trusting and yielding to God for His cleansing, can bear much fruit.

In the power of such a life we shall love prayer, we shall know how to pray, we shall pray, and receive whatsoever we ask. Any deep quickening of the spiritual life of the Church will always be accompanied by a deeper sense of sin. This will not begin with theology; that can only give expression to what God works in the life of His people. Nor does it mean that that deeper sense of sin will only be seen in stronger expressions of self-reproach or penitence: that is sometimes found to consist with a harbouring of sin, and unbelief as to deliverance. If we are to deal effectually with the lack of prayer we must look at it from this point of view and ask, Restraining prayer, is it sin?

And if it be, how is it to be dealt with, to be discovered, and confessed, and cast out by man, and cleansed away by God? Jesus is a Saviour from sin. It is only as we know sin truly that we can truly know the power that saves from sin. The life that can pray effectually is the life of the cleansed branch—the life that knows deliverance from the power of self. To see that our prayer-sins are indeed sins, is the first step to a true and Divine deliverance from them. Let us see in the light of the story if we can learn how to look at the sin of prayerlessness, and at the sinfulness that lies at [p 69 ] the root of it.

Moses proved that he understood this when God, after the sin of the golden calf, spoke of withdrawing His presence and sending an angel. Is it not that Thou goest with us? It was this gave Israel their victory over Jericho: the presence of God. This is throughout Scripture the great central promise: I am with thee. God had brought His people into Canaan with the promise to give them the land. He had not fought for them. His presence had been withheld.

If we apply this to our failure in the prayer-life, and as a result of that to our failure in work for God, we are led to see that all is simply owing to our not standing in clear and full fellowship with God. His nearness, His immediate presence, has not been the chief thing sought after and trusted in. He could not work in us as He would. He has given Himself so wholly to His people, He delights so in being with them, and would so fain [p 71 ] reveal in them His love and power, that He never withdraws Himself unless they compel Him by sin.

Throughout the Church there is a complaint of defeat. The Church has so little power over the masses, or the educated classes. Powerful conversions are comparatively rare. The fewness of holy, consecrated, spiritual Christians, devoted to the service of God and their fellowmen, is felt everywhere. The power of the Church for the preaching of the gospel to the heathen is paralysed by the scarcity of money and men; and all owing to the lack of the effectual prayer which brings the Holy Spirit in power, first on ministers and believers, then on missionaries and the heathen.

God Himself will discover the hidden sin. And Israel had broken this consecration vow: it had not given God His due; it had robbed God. It is this we need: God must discover to us how the lack of prayer is the indication of unfaithfulness to our consecration vow, that God should have all our heart and life. We must see that this restraining prayer, with the excuses we make for it, is greater sin than we have thought; for what does it mean? That we have little taste or relish for fellowship with God; that our faith rests more on our own work and efforts than on the power of God; that we have little sense of the heavenly blessing God waits to shower down; that we are not ready to sacrifice the ease and confidence of the flesh for persevering waiting on God; that the spirituality of our life, and our abiding in Christ, is altogether too feeble to make us prevail in prayer.

When the pressure of work for Christ is allowed to be the excuse for our not finding time to seek and secure His own presence and power in it, as our chief need, it surely proves that there is no right sense of our absolute dependence upon God; no deep apprehension of the Divine and supernatural [p 73 ] work of God in which we are only His instruments, no true entrance into the heavenly, altogether other-worldly, character of our mission and aims, no full surrender to and delight in Christ Jesus Himself. May God discover this to us. Note A. When God discovers sin, it must be confessed and cast out.

God dealt with Israel as a nation, as one body, and the sin of one member was visited on all. Israel as a whole was ignorant of the sin, and yet suffered for it. The Church may be ignorant of the greatness of this sin of restraining prayer, individual ministers or believers may never have looked upon it as actual transgression, none the less does it bring its [p 74 ] punishment.

But when the sin is no more hidden, when the Holy Spirit begins to convince of it, then comes the time of heart-searching. In our story the combination of individual and united responsibility is very solemn. And when Achan had been taken, he had to make confession. The united: as we see it in all Israel first suffering and dealt with by God, then taking Achan, and his family, and the accursed thing, and destroying them out of their midst. If we have reason to think this is the sin that is in the camp, let us begin with personal and united confession. And then let us come before God to put away and destroy the sin.

Let us look the solemn fact in the face. Let us bring it out before God, and give up this [p 75 ] sin to the death. Let us yield ourselves to God to obey His voice. Let no fear of past failure, let no threatening array of temptations, or duties, or excuses, keep us back. It is a simple question of obedience. Are we going to give up ourselves to God and His Spirit to live a life in prayer, well-pleasing to Him? Surely, if it is God who has been withholding His presence, who has been discovering the sin, who is calling for its destruction, and a return to obedience, surely we can count upon His grace to accept and strengthen for the life He asks of us.

It is not a question of what you can do; it is the question of whether you now, with your whole heart, turn to give God His due, and give yourself to let His will and grace have their way with you. The story shows them going on from victory to victory. This truth is so simple that the very ease with which we acquiesce in it robs it of its power. Let us pause and think what it implies. Then, we are [p 76 ] responsible for defeat.

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Then, there must be sin somewhere causing it. Then, we ought at once to find out and put away the sin. Surely each one is under the solemn obligation to search his life and see what part he may have in this evil. God never speaks to His people of sin except with a view to saving them from it. The same light that shows the sin will show the way out of it. The same power that breaks down and condemns will, if humbly yielded to and waited on in confession and faith, give the power to rise up and conquer. He will make the valley of Achor, of trouble and shame, of sin confessed and cast out, a door of hope.

He does not weary us with an impracticable ideal. He asks us to pray no more than He gives grace to enable us to. He will give the grace to do what He asks, and so to pray that our intercessions shall, day by day, be a pleasure to Him and to us, a source of strength to our conscience and our work, and a channel of blessing to those for whom we labour. God dealt personally with Joshua, with Israel, with Achan. Let each of us allow Him to deal personally with us concerning this sin, of restraining prayer, and its consequences in our life and work; concerning the deliverance from sin, its certainty and blessedness.

Just bow in stillness and wait before God, until, as God, He overshadow you with His presence, lead you out of that region of argument as to human possibilities, where conviction of sin can never be deep, and full deliverance can never come. Take quiet time, and be still before God, that He may take this matter in hand.

Behold, we come unto Thee; for Thou art the Lord our God. I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus made me free from the law of sin and death. During one of our conventions a gentleman called upon me to ask advice and help. He was evidently an earnest and well-instructed Christian man.

He had for some years been in most difficult surroundings, trying to witness for Christ. The result was a sense of failure and unhappiness. If he spoke to others, or gave a tract, it was under a sense of duty: the love and the joy were not present. What was he to think of his state, and was there any way out of it? My answer was, that the whole matter appeared to me very simple; he was living under the law and not under grace. As long as he did so, there could be no change. He listened attentively, but could not exactly see what I meant. I reminded him of the difference, the utter contrariety, between law and grace.

Law demands; grace bestows. Law commands, but gives no strength to obey; grace promises, and performs, does all we need to do. Law burdens, and casts down and condemns; grace comforts, and makes strong and glad. Law appeals to self, to do its utmost; grace points to Christ to do all. I pointed out to him how his first step [p 80 ] should be, instead of striving against all this failure, fully to accept of it, and the lesson of his own impotence, as God had been seeking to teach it him, and, with this confession, to sink down before God in utter helplessness.

There would be the place where he would learn that, unless grace gave him deliverance and strength, he never could do better than he had done, and that grace would indeed work all for him. He must come out from under law and self and effort, and take his place under grace, allowing God to do all.

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In later conversations he told me the diagnosis of the disease had been correct. He admitted grace must do all. And yet, so deep was the thought that we must do something, that we must at least bring our faithfulness to secure the work of grace, he feared that his life would not be very different; he would not be equal to the strain of new difficulties into which he was now going. There was, amid all the intense earnestness, an undertone of despair; he could not live as he knew he ought to.

I have already said, in the opening chapter, that in some of our meetings I had noticed this tone of hopelessness. To speak specially of the lack of prayer, and the desire of living a fuller prayer-life, how many are the difficulties to be met! We have so often resolved to pray more and better, and have failed. We have not the strength of will some have, with one resolve to turn round and change our habits. The press of duty is as great as ever it was; it is so difficult to find time for more prayer; real enjoyment in prayer, which would enable us to persevere, is what we do not feel; we do not possess the power to supplicate and to plead, as we should; our prayers, instead of being a joy and a strength, are a source of continual self-condemnation and doubt.

We have at times mourned and confessed and resolved; but, to tell the honest truth, we do not expect, for we do not see the way to, any great change. It is evident that as long as this spirit prevails, there can be very little prospect of improvement. Discouragement must bring defeat.

One of the first objects of a physician is ever to waken hope; without this he knows his medicines will often [p 82 ] profit little. Our first care must be to find out the hidden cause of the failure and despair, and then to show how divinely sure deliverance is. Behold, we come unto Thee, for Thou art the Lord our God. It is always of consequence to distinguish between the symptoms of a disease and the disease itself.

Feebleness and failure in prayer is a sign of feebleness in the spiritual life. If a patient were to ask [p 83 ] a physician to give him something to stimulate his feeble pulse, he would be told that this would do him little good. The pulse is the index of the state of the heart and the whole system: the physician strives to have health restored. What everyone who would fain pray more faithfully and effectually must learn is this, that his whole spiritual life is in a sickly state, and needs restoration. It is as he comes to look, not only at his shortcomings in prayer, but at the lack in the life of faith, of which this is the symptom, that he will become fully alive to the serious nature of the disease.

He will then see the need of a radical change in his whole life and walk, if his prayer-life, which is simply the pulse of the spiritual system, is to indicate health and vigour. God has so created us that the exercise of every healthy function causes joy. Prayer is meant to be as simple and natural as breathing or working to a healthy man. And what is now the disease of which the lack of prayer is the symptom? Here we have suggested the possibility of two types of Christian life. There may be a life partly under the law and partly under grace; or, a life entirely under grace, in the full liberty from self-effort, and the full experience of the Divine strength which it can give.

A true believer may still be living partly under the law, in the power of self-effort, striving to do what he cannot accomplish. The continued failure in his Christian life to which he confesses is owing to this one thing: he trusts in himself, and tries to do his best. He does, indeed, pray and look to God for help, but still it is he in his strength, helped by God, who is to do the work.

In the Epistles to the Romans, and Corinthians, and Galatians, we know how Paul tells them that they have not received the spirit of bondage again, that they are free from the law, that they are no more servants but sons; that they must beware of nothing so much as to be entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Everywhere it is the contrast between the law and grace, between the flesh, which is under the law, and the Spirit, who is the gift of grace, and through whom [p 85 ] grace does all its work.

In our days, just as in those first ages, the great danger is living under the law, and serving God in the strength of the flesh. With the great majority of Christians it appears to be the state in which they remain all their lives. Hence the lack to such a large extent of true holy living and power in prayer. They do not know that all failure can have but one cause: Men seek to do themselves what grace alone can do in them , what grace most certainly will do.

This cannot be our disease. What he counts a slight ailment turns out to be a dangerous complaint. It has often happened that a seeker after God and salvation has read his Bible long, and yet never seen the truth of a free and full and immediate justification by faith. When once his eyes were opened, and he accepted it, he was amazed to find it everywhere. Even so many believers, who hold the doctrines of free grace as applied to pardon, have never seen its wondrous meaning as it [p 88 ] undertakes to work our whole life in us, and actually give us strength every moment for whatever the Father would have us be and do.

Beloved child of God! You knew not how grace would enable you to pray, if once the whole life were under its power. You sought by earnest effort to conquer your reluctance or deadness in prayer, but failed. You strove by every motive of shame or love you could think of to stir yourself to it, but it would not help. Is it not worth while asking the Lord whether the message [p 89 ] I bring you as His servant may not be more true for you than you think? Note B. The grace of God can bring us into, and keep us in, the liberty of the Spirit.

We can be made free from the sad life under the power that led us captive, so that we did not what we would. The Spirit of life in Christ can free us from our continual failure in prayer, and enable us in this, too, to walk worthy of the Lord unto all well-pleasing. What is impossible with man is possible with God. What you see no possibility of doing, grace will do.

The impotent man answered him, Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool. Jesus saith unto him, Rise and walk. Immediately the man was made whole, and walked. The faith which is by Him hath given this man this perfect soundness in the presence of you all. And he arose immediately. Feebleness in prayer is the mark of disease. Impotence to walk is, in the Christian, as in the natural life, a terrible proof of some evil in the system that needs a physician. The lack of power to walk joyfully in the new and living way that leads to the Father and the throne of grace is [p 92 ] specially grievous.

Christ is the great Physician, who comes to every Bethesda where impotent folk are gathered, and speaks out his loving, searching question, Wilt thou be made whole? For all who are still clinging to their hope in the pool, or are looking for some man to put them in, who are hoping, in course of time, somehow to be helped by just continuing in the use of the ordinary means of grace, His question points to a better way. He offers them healing in a way of power they have never understood. And to all who are willing to confess, not only their own impotence, but their failure to find any man to help them, His question brings the sure and certain hope of a near deliverance.

We have seen that our weakness in prayer is part of a life smitten with spiritual impotence. Let us listen to our Lord as He offers to restore our spiritual strength, to fit us for walking like healthy, strong men in all the ways of the Lord, and so be fit rightly to fill our place in the great work of intercession.

As we see what the wholeness is He offers, how He gives it, and what He asks of us, we shall be prepared for giving a willing answer to His question. I might mention many marks of spiritual health. Our text leads us to take one,—walking. Jesus said to the sick man, Rise and walk, and with that restored him to his place among men in full health and vigour, able to take his part in all the work of life.

It is a wonderfully suggestive picture of the restoration of spiritual health. To the healthy, walking is a pleasure; to the sick, a burden, if not an impossibility. Christ comes to say, and with the word He gives the power, Rise and walk. Just think of this walk to which He restores and empowers us. It is a walk in Christ. But some there are with whom it is not thus. They do wonder if these words really mean what they say, and if the wonderful life each one of them speaks of is simply an unattainable ideal, or meant to be realised in flesh and blood.

The more they study them, the more they feel that they are spoken as for daily life. And yet they appear too high. Oh that they would believe [p 96 ] that God sent his Almighty Son, and His Holy Spirit, indeed to bring us and fit us for a life and walk from heaven beyond all that man could dare to think or hope for. When a physician heals a patient, he acts on him from without, and does something which is, if possible, ever after to render him independent of his aid.

He restores him to perfect health, and leaves him. With the work of our Lord Jesus it is in both respects the very opposite. Jesus works not from without, but from within, by entering Himself in the power of His Spirit into our very life. His one condition of success, is to bring us into such dependence upon Himself as that we shall not be able one single moment to do without Him. Christ Jesus Himself is our life, in a sense that many Christians have no conception of.

The prevailing feeble and sickly life is entirely owing to the lack of the apprehension [p 97 ] of the Divine truth, that as long as we expect Christ continually to do something for us from heaven, in single acts of grace from time to time, and each time trust Him to give us what will last a little while, we cannot be restored to perfect health.

But when once we see how there is to be nothing of our own for a single moment, and it is to be all Christ moment by moment, and learn to accept it from Him and trust Him for it, the life of Christ becomes the health of our soul. Health is nothing but life in its normal, undisturbed action. Christ gives us health by giving us Himself as our life; so He becomes our strength for our walk.

It is strange how believers sometimes think this life of dependence too great a strain, and a loss of our personal liberty. They admit a need of dependence, of much dependence, but with room left for our own will and energy. They do not see that even a partial dependence makes us debtors, and leaves us nothing to boast of. They forget that our relationship to God, and co-operation with Him, [p 98 ] is not that He does the larger part and we the lesser, but that God does all and we do all—God all in us, we all through God.

This dependence upon God secures our true independence; when our will seeks nothing but the Divine will, we reach a Divine nobility, the true independence of all that is created. He that has not seen this must remain a sickly Christian, letting self do part and Christ part. He that accepts the life of unceasing dependence on Christ, as life and health and strength, is made whole.

As God, Christ can enter and become the life of His creature. As the Glorified One who received the Holy Spirit from the Father to bestow, He can renew the heart of the sinful creature and make it His home, and by His presence maintain it in full health and strength. He can give a life that can pray, and know that it is well-pleasing to the Father. If you would have this, come and hear how you can receive it. The story invites us to notice three things very specially.

Wilt thou be made whole? About the answer of the impotent man there could be no doubt. Who would not be willing to have his sickness removed? But, alas, in the spiritual life what need to press the question. Some will not admit that they are so sick. And some will not believe that Christ can make a man whole. And some will believe it for others, but they are sure it is not for them. At the root of all lies the fear of the self-denial and the sacrifice which will be needed. They are not willing to forsake entirely the walk after the course of this world, to give up all self-will, and self-confidence, and self-pleasing.

The walk in Christ and like Christ is too straight and hard: they do not will it, they do not will to be made whole. Then comes the second step. Christ wants us to look up to him as our only Helper. Here on earth there is no help for me. Weakness may grow into strength in the ordinary use of means, if all the organs and functions are in a sound state. Sickness needs special measures. Give up the idea of growing out of your sickly into a healthy state, of growing out from under the law into a life under grace.

A few days ago I heard a student plead the cause of the Volunteer Pledge. Do not think of growing into a missionary: unless God forbids you, take the step; the decision will bring joy and strength, will set you free to grow up in all needed for a missionary, and will be a help to others. Come to Christ to heal you. He can in one moment make you whole. Not in the sense of working a sudden change in your feelings, or in what you are in yourself, but in the heavenly reality of coming in, in response to your surrender and faith, and taking charge of your inner life, and filling it with Himself and Spirit.

The third thing Christ asks is this, the surrender of faith. When He spoke to the impotent man His word of command had to be obeyed. By faith he obeyed. We shall rise and begin to walk in Him and His strength. In faith, apart from and above all feeling, we shall accept and trust an unseen Christ as our strength, and go on in the strength of the Lord God.

We shall know Christ as the strength of our life. We shall know, and tell, and prove that Jesus Christ hath made us whole. Can it indeed be? Yes, it can. He has done it for many: He will do it for you. Beware of forming wrong conceptions of what must take place. When the impotent man was made whole he had still all to learn as to the use of his new-found strength. If he wanted to dig, or build, or learn a trade, he had to begin at the beginning. Do not expect at once to be a proficient in prayer or any part of the Christian life.

No; but expect and be confident of this one thing, that, as you have trusted yourself to Christ to be your health and strength, He will lead and teach you. Begin to pray in a [p ] quiet sense of your ignorance and weakness, but in a joyful assurance that He will work in you what you need. Rise and walk each day in a holy confidence that He is with you and in you. Will you do it?

Have you done it? I rise to walk with Thee, and in Thee, and like Thee. Here we have a summary of the teaching of our Lord Jesus on prayer. Nothing will so much help to convince us of the sin of our remissness in prayer, to discover its causes, and to give us courage to expect entire deliverance, as the careful study and then the believing acceptance of that teaching. The more heartily we enter into the mind of our blessed Lord, and set ourselves simply just to think about prayer as He thought, the more surely will His words be as living seeds.

They will grow and produce in us their fruit,—a life and practice exactly corresponding to the Divine truth [p ] they contain.

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Do let us believe this: Christ, the living Word of God, gives in His words a Divine quickening power which brings what they say, which works in us what He asks, which actually fits and enables for all He demands. Learn to look upon His teaching on prayer as a definite promise of what He, by His Holy Spirit dwelling in you, is going to work into your very being and character.

Our Lord gives us the five marks, or essential elements, of true prayer. It may help to give definiteness to our thought, if we each take a definite request in regard to which we would fain learn to pray believingly. Or, perhaps better still, we might all unite and take the one thing that has been occupying our attention. And so desire is the soul of prayer, and the cause of insufficient or unsuccessful prayer is very much to be found in the lack or feebleness of desire.

Some may doubt this: they are sure that they have very earnestly desired what they ask. But if they consider whether their desire has indeed been as whole-hearted as God would have it, as the heavenly worth of these blessings demands, they may come to see that it was indeed the lack of desire that was the cause of failure. A Christian may often have very earnest desires for spiritual blessings.

But alongside of these there are other desires in his daily life occupying a large place in his interests and affections. The spiritual desires are [p ] not all-absorbing. He wonders that his prayer is not heard. It is simply that God wants the whole heart. But not as we think it, but as He sees it. If there be other desires which are more at home with us, which have our heart more than Himself and His presence, He allows these to be fulfilled, and the desires that engage us at the hour of prayer cannot be granted.