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From the time he was an infant, Lacey deliberately made Garnett sick to elicit sympathy from medical professionals as well as her hundreds of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and her own blog. When a Westchester County jury found her guilty of killing Garnett in April , she was sentenced to twenty years to life in prison.

Glatt lays out the chilling picture of a troubled mother driven to kill her child.

For a wide-angle view of the horrific string of crimes start to finish, Glatt constructs an absorbing winner. He is the author of Lost and Found, Secrets in the Cellar, Playing with Fire , and many other bestselling books of true crime. Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website.

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My sweet angel

I Just want to say to everyone that is considering having an abortion. Please Please Please Give Yourself time to think it through because the feeling afterwards is indescribable I went though an abortion in January, would of been 21 weeks tomorrow and everyday I regret it more and more! Within seconds I fell asleep and I when I woke up it was all over my baby was gone and instead of feeling a sense of relief I felt Guilt and I was distraught with the loss.

For days after I still felt pregnant and still would have done anything to change what had happened. But that's something that will never happen and I can't seem to forget. Just wish things were different : Ladies Please don't make the same mistake a lot of women do! I have regrets and we are together 5 months later and living together and the one thing I want is another kid before I'm too old, but he won't budge on it.

I just miss my baby, and I know it won't be the same baby, but I want to experience this with him. I was 15 when I found out I was pregnant my dad actually told me when I got home from school, but both parents made me get an abortion. I was so upset getting forced to get rid of my baby.

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I was not happy and I tried to tell the dad but he wouldn't answer my calls so my best friend called him and told him. I'm still sad about this and I can't get over it and I don't think I will. This really reached my heart. I haven't been through this, in fact I don't have a boyfriend yet. But, when I read these poems made by teenagers, I feel like I just went through this. I'm so touched that these teenager mothers wrote poems to their 'kids' to explain how much they love and care about them. If only god would allow their kids to read this I was 13 when I found I was pregnant with my first child my boyfriend was not happy when he found out we were in middle school and didn't have jobs so my mom paid for the abortion it was the worst day of my life.

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I've never experienced anyone nor have I had an abortion so I wouldn't even begin to tell you I know what you're feeling. Some interesting pronunciations not related to his country of origin. Try the written version instead. The use of a British-accented narrator to tell this story made absolutely no sense at all, and I was immediately put off by it.

Sad to learn this isn't the only poor matching of Glatt-Grindell on Audible. I would enjoy Glatt read by a narrator who has a flat American accent or a regional one, as I am was an avid reader of Glatt's works. I would listen to Grindell read books from other genres or true crime from the British Isles. I see that Grindell narrates such material on Audible. Has My Sweet Angel turned you off from other books in this genre? Only from any Glatt book narrated by Grindell. Unnecessary and bizarre choice of narrator. How did the narrator detract from the book? British dialect of the narrator was completely at odds with this story of a young woman from the deep South who brings her small son to a liberal suburban NYC community to hide her Munchausen Syndrome-by-proxy poisonings of the child, which were raising suspicions among the Southern locals.

Sometimes the absurdity of the choice of this narrator made me laugh out loud, but it always grated on me. No way of knowing. I know this sad tale, because Spears committed some of her crimes local to me.

My Sweet Angel

I repeatedly had to rewind and relisten to sections of this story in order to understand them and follow the chain of events. It was probably a good read, but a miserable listen. I refuse to buy the book after Glatt made me work so hard to get through the recording. It's okay - someone else will write a book on the needless murder of Garnett Spears and record it on Audible.

This is the first book I will be returning to Audible. It was easy for Glatt to keep me as a avid fan but it only took this recording to turn me off. Narrator was awful. The story was true but the telling fell short, more like an "out in two weeks after the crime" novel. It didn't have the depth I wanted, nor did it finish up on many interesting bits of information that it started at the beginning. I wouldn't recommend spending a credit on it, not even for an introduction to Munchhausen's By Proxy. Overall, I thought this was a well written book about a crazy story. I do agree that choosing a narrator with a British accent was a really weird choice but I thought the book was good enough that I could get over it.

It was weird though - his narration was so lazy. There were so many poorly pronounced things that were literally inaccurate. Also, the author clearly did not have anyone with a medical background help him proofread. As a doc, I understood what he was trying to get at but he didn't do a great job of getting the medical reporting on point.

However, I still recommend it. As a true crime book, it was what you would expect: detailed to the point of riveting at times and detailed to the point of dry at times. I didn't care for the narrator. Ordinarily, I love the sound of a British accent, who doesn't?

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However, with a story that takes place in Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, and New York, AND is also full of terms used in the American judicial system as well as health care settings, the British accent was totally out of context. With a story that is going to quote natives of the southern United States so frequently, who decided a British narrator was a good choice? Please understand, it wasn't that the narrator was bad, it was just miscast, IMHO.

I listened to this in 3 days, I had never heard of the case before and I couldn't stop until I heard what happened to this poor little boy, I work with children in safeguarding and this was a fascinating insight into this mothers life and really interesting to hear people's accounts, and her blog and social media posts.

Such a shame that we will never really know what that poor child went through, but a complex case the professionals can learn from. This is such a sad story.

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I was interested in the social media aspects of it though. It seems to me as if the mum's addiction to social media drove her to do what she did. She needed the constant attention and adoration of her social media 'fan club'. The outcome was tragic. Five star performance of a difficult topic. I really hope this evil woman never has a moments peace. But even in the epilogue she can't give remorse. This book, must teach others to realise how important, doctors, hospitals, social services all communicate with each other to make sure this never happens again.

Not one day, or one child should suffer at the hands that should protect them. Thankfully the police did a full in depth, hard at times investigation. Especially now that social media has taken over this world. The solicitors summed it up perfectly, this unfortunately was never about this sweet boy. It was always about his disgusting attention seeking ill mother. A very hard moving account, presented in the best tasteful way you can tell such a truth.

It's not a story, because it's not made up, and it has no happy ending for a beautiful boy. By: John Glatt. Narrated by: Shaun Grindell. Length: 11 hrs and 50 mins. People who bought this also bought Finding Stevie: A Dark Secret. A Child in Crisis. Gorgeous Girl By: Mary K.

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Did You Hear Me Crying? Trafficked Girl: Abused. Publisher's Summary Lacey Spears made international headlines in January , when she was charged with the "depraved mind" murder of her five-year-old son, Garnett.

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