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The 10 chapters covered the usual induction, installation and configuration of Moodle and then moved to the different steps covering different phases of your e-learning development. As William explains, this book is designed for people who are creating and delivering courses in Moodle but he has also added in some administrator information.

In the first few chapters William brings us through the philosophy behind Moodle and then introduces and explains the interface. He touches on the architecture of the Moodle installation before bringing the users through the steps to install Moodle onto a web server. There is a lot of valuable information here for those who want to have that level of control over your code with information on the folder installation, domain configuration, database creation and the installation process itself.

He also touches on the cron job setup. Before he moves onto the live site work, he then takes the reader through the configuration side and covers the key aspects of:. In chapter 4 , William tackles the first key step for a live Moodle site — deciding the structure of the categories and course. He explains the way categories work and how the user can navigate them, and also explains about the limitations that categories bring. William then covers the course setup and configuration itself. This part brings the user step by step through the key settings carefully explaining each one and the options available including the different types of course formats available out of the box.

This is all presented to the user in a friendly and concise manner.

Moodle E-Learning Course Development by William Rice

He then explains how Teachers and Students are assigned using the enrolment methods. Chapter 5 gets down to the actual course content — namely how the teacher adds the different types of course material, files, links, pages, labels and media. It explains the new file picker and then moves onto how the course itself is organised with sections and topic names and descriptions.

One important note that he focuses on is the use of labels as context or instructions and not just as more content. William finishes the chapter touching on the ability to provide conditional access to resources. Through chapters 6 and 7 , the reader is stepped through adding various activities that can provide interaction and evaluation to the Moodle course.

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These included:. Although the Lesson is one of the more complicated activities to set up, William provides clear and helpful explanation on the different aspects of the Lesson. He uses his namesake William Wallace to explain branches which is one of the harder aspects to understand for most beginners. Throughout chapter 8 the reader is exposed to the many social and collborative tools that Moodle has to offer. William provides steps for setup and usage of these tools and explains them in a clear helpful manner suggesting strategies for progessive rollout of these tools.

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Moodle 1.9 E-Learning Course Development: A complete guide to successful learning using Moodle

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Ways in which we use Moodle at our high school - covers just the standard modules. Activity Locking Course Format Moodle 1. By using groups and groupings you can decide which work to show which classes. Nanogong Assignment in Moodle A new assignment type based on single file upload where students have the nanogong applet to record themselves and send you the sound file for marking. Often if you put some code into a moodle topic summary it corrupts it and the pen and hand icon get stuck.

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      Moodle 1.9 E-Learning Course Development

      Adding an Activity Module to Moodle such as Quizport How to add an extra activity module to your Moodle site using ftp. I use Quizport as an example but it could be any extra activity module. To be watched alongside the Moodle 1. Peer Assessment with a Moodle Forum How to set ratings to use a Moodle forum as a very basic peer assessment activity. A brief journey into Workshop 2. A Brief Tour of Moodle 2.