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A Christmas Hope. In this special holiday novella, Stacy Henrie returns to the World War I setting of her Of Love and War series for a heartwarming read that's perfect for the Christmas season. Picturesque Shenadoah Falls, Virginia, seems like the perfect place to relax and regroup before heading back to real life.

A Christmas Bride'Tis the season in Shenandoah Falls, but widower David Lyndon has a bah-humbug approach to the holidays - until he's shown the spirit of Christmas on Mistletoe Lane: Includes a bonus short.

This USA Today bestselling author invites you to the delightful small town of Sweetwater Springs where the magic of Christmas brings two strangers together in this story you won't forget RaeAnne Thayne, New York Times bestselling author. Christmas is coming to Cowboy Brave: Two full books for the price. Get double the feel-good fun with an all-new book from the Queen of Cowboy Romance, Get double the feel-good fun with an all-new book from the Queen of Cowboy Romance, plus a bonus novel by A.

A Christmas Short Story

This city girl's about to get a dose of cowboy charm. Driftwood Cove: Two stories for the price of. In this lighthearted book filled with hip illustrations and children's actual letters to Santa, Glassman In this lighthearted book filled with hip illustrations and children's actual letters to Santa, Glassman shows readers how to become an undercover Santa by becoming involved with the U. Skip to main content. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Amazon Best Sellers Our most popular products based on sales.

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Growing Up in the South Signet Classics. Mass Market Paperback. Decoy: Elliot-Kings, Book 1. God: Stories. Faith: Stories Pa. Have a Little Faith. Bright flames of heavenly ardour leaped in the eyes of the listening angels; a martial air passed over their faces as if they longed for the call to war. But no silver trumpet blared from the battlements of the City of God; no crimson flag was unfurled on those high, secret walls; no thrilling drum-beat echoed over the smooth meadow.

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Only the sound of the brook of Brighthopes was heard tinkling and murmuring among the roots of the grasses and flowers; and far off a cadence of song drifted down from the inner courts of the Palace of the King. Then another angel began to speak, and made answer to Michael. He, too, was tall and wore the look of power. But it was power of the mind rather than of the hand.

His face was clear and glistening, and his eyes were lit with a steady flame which neither leaped nor fell. Of flame also were his garments, which clung about him as the fire enwraps a torch burning where there is no wind; and his great wings, spiring to a point far above his head, were like a living lamp before the altar of the Most High.

By this sign I knew that it was the archangel Uriel, the spirit of the Sun, clearest in vision, deepest in wisdom of all the spirits that surround the throne. For I know how often power has been given to the good, and how often it has been turned aside and used for evil. I know that the host of Heaven, and the very stars in their courses, have fought on the side of a favoured nation; yet pride has followed triumph and oppression has been the first-born child of victory.

I know that the deliverers of the people have become tyrants over those whom they have set free, and the fighters for liberty have been changed into the soldiers of fortune.

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Power corrupts itself, and might cannot save. And how they robbed and crushed the peoples against whom they had fought for freedom? And how the wickedness of the tribes of Canaan survived their conquest and overcame their conquerors, so that the children of Israel learned to worship the idols of their enemies, Moloch, and Baal, and Ashtoreth?

Was not Persia the destroyer of Babylon, and did not the tyranny of Persia cry aloud for destruction? Did not Rome break the yoke of the East, and does not the yoke of Rome lie heavy on the shoulders of the world? There was silence for a moment on the slopes of Peacefield, and then over the encircling hills a cool wind brought the sound of chains clanking in prisons and galleys, the sighing of millions of slaves, the weeping of wretched women and children, the blows of hammers nailing men to their crosses.

Then the sound passed by with the wind, and Uriel spoke again:. The Earth is full of ignorant strife, and for this evil there is no cure but by the giving of greater knowledge. It is because men do not understand evil that they yield themselves to its power. Wickedness is folly in action, and injustice is the error of the blind. It is because men are ignorant that they destroy one another, and at last themselves.

If the great King who knows all things would enlighten the world with wisdom--wisdom to understand his law and his ways, to read the secrets of the earth and the stars, to discern the workings of the heart of man and the things that make for joy and peace--if he would but send us, his messengers, as a flame of fire to shine upon those who sit in darkness, how gladly would we go to bring in the new day! We would guide the ignorant in the paths of prudence, and the young would sit at our feet and hear us gladly in the school of life.

Then folly would fade away as the morning vapour, and the sun of wisdom would shine on all men, and the peace of God would come with the counsel of the angels. A murmur of pleasure followed the words of Uriel, and eager looks flashed around the circle of the messengers of light as they heard the praise of wisdom fitly spoken.

But there was one among them on whose face a shadow of doubt rested, and though he smiled, it was as if he remembered something that the others had forgotten.

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He turned to an angel near him. Was it not Balaam the son of Beor, as he was riding to meet the King of Moab? And did not even the dumb beast profit more by your instruction than the man who rode him? And who was it," he continued, turning to Uriel, "that was called the wisest of all men, having searched out and understood the many inventions that are found under the sun? Was not Solomon, prince of fools and philosophers, unable by much learning to escape weariness of the flesh and despair of the spirit?

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Knowledge also is vanity and vexation. This I know well, because I have dwelt among men and held converse with them since the day when I was sent to instruct the first man in Eden. Then I looked more closely at him who was speaking and recognised the beauty of the archangel Raphael, as it was pictured long ago:. Like Maia's son he stood And shook his plumes, that Heavenly fragrance filled The circuit wide.